Auto vs. Motorcycle

“Thank you so much for helping John and Chris. John came by to thank me for YOU and I told him the truth. . . I knew you would be the only referral I would ever give for these situations. I respect and trust you and am grateful for what you did and this outcome for John.”


Auto vs. Auto – Rear End Collision

“Thank you so much….We are in shock!! During this entire process, Chris and I had so much confidence that you would do the right thing for us. You are amazing. I hope there is something we can do for you in the future.”


Aesthetician Malpractice

“Thank you very much for representing me. I am very pleased with the outcome. Everything was professional, and I was impressed with the mediation process. I appreciate all your help, your professionalism, courtesy, demeanor and especially your integrity. Thanks for all your help.  I’m really impressed with your negotiating skills.”


Auto vs. Auto – Rear End Collision

“Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. I am truly and deeply grateful.”


Auto vs. Auto – Rear End Collision

(After a $100,000 settlement) “This is very good news for us. Ultimately I wish this never happened as my body is reminded with aches. However, this was the first time I have had to go through something like this personally and I am thankful for going through this with you! Thank you for your support and friendship. Let’s keep in touch.”


Auto vs. Auto – Rear End Collision

“You’re exceptional work speaks for itself & I’m convinced that you are the best at what you do. I appreciate the expedient & thorough way in which you handled my case. Aside from the settlement I feel like I received justice and am now finally free to move on from this incident, knowing that it was handled in the best way possible. I know this case was small however very significant to me and I can’t thank you enough for handling it as quickly and as professionally as you did. I appreciate it.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!”


Medical Malpractice – Wrongful Death

“Thank you so very much for all your hard work to make this all come to a good end. I’m very pleased, and so grateful to you for fighting for us.”


Auto vs. Auto – T-Bone Collision

Dear Kirk:

I just wanted to say thank you for assisting me through the process of dealing with the insurance claims, medical bills and settlements as a result of my injuries from a serious traffic accident. The process was far more complicated than I realized. Without your legal expertise and assistance I have no doubt the insurance companies would not have settled as quickly, and the providers of service would have taken more of the funds from the settlement.

Thank you for assisting me in maximizing the settlement received and making the process easy for me to understand and navigate.

Your expertise is unmatched and I would have no problem recommending you to anyone in need of very professional representation.


Declaration of Attorney Stanley Matalon

“I can only tell the Court that Mr. Lapple took a case having a raw value of about $14,000.00 and never flinched in his pursuit of the parties-defendant, and never yielded one single inch to anyone on the case. He kept up with the litigation and the discovery and completely refused to settle until he achieved success. He forced the defendants for whatever reason they may claim, into paying 100% of his clients’ gross loss, without offset for depreciation or any other factor, and he did it by being tenacious, refusing to be intimidated by costs and through the simple process of hard work and dedication to the cause at hand.”

–Excerpt from the Declaration of Attorney Stanley Matalon representing Fire Insurance Exchange in the case of Todd and Marcia D. v. Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, J. Fletcher Creamer & Sons.